Monday, May 23, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don Tellonme by Nathan Barnatt

Hello All,

Recently I was able to work on a small project with a very humorous and brilliant comedian. His name is Nathan Barnatt aka (Keith Apicary) We all love his stage appearances at Comic Con.

He has a new project which I wont go into to much detail about other than how hilarious the main character is.

Don Tellonme is a strange man that lives in a hole in the ground much like a hiding ostrich and travels on a gear-less pedal-less bicycle by bean powered fart propulsion.

I thought sharing two of the final designs would be a fun way to show the creative process we went through from first to last sketch.

A small amount of work but fun results.

Thanks for looking

Stay well everyone,


All work copyright Nathan Barnatt


Wanted to share as much of my basic process as I could. Give everyone some idea of how I pull the weeds and plant the trees.